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Amanda Schilling, MFA - Professional Photographer,


Amanda began her photographic journey during a college study abroad in Italy in 2003. Since then she has continued to sharpen her skills through post-baccalaureate courses at Lamar University and the Houston Center for Photography. In 2019, Amanda graduated with her Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of Houston where she was named a Holt-Wich Fellow and taught numerous undergraduate photography courses. In 2018, Amanda also began offering Photography Camps to 'tweens and teens in the Houston region.


Amanda is passionate about what she does and always strives to better herself and excel at her craft. Over the past 10 years, this passion has lured Amanda around the world making both fine art photographs and work for clients alike. While she continues to travel, teach, and show her work in galleries around the world, Amanda is thrilled to have the opportunity to run her own studio capturing images that her clients will cherish forever.


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